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I’m Alicia. I contracted the HSV2 when I was 22 years old. It became quickly apparent how the world would see me and how I was made to feel about myself. I wanted to hide my secret from everyone. However, after researching and scouring social media, I realized I was far from alone.

It is my mission to raise awareness as to the misrepresentations, miseducation and the powerful stigma surrounding herpes. When two-thirds of the world’s population has a form of HSV, why are we meant to feel ashamed, less than or undeserving of love? It’s time to stop hiding, find the answers to arm ourselves with knowledge to inform others, and treat HSV like the commonplace skin condition that it is.

My hopes are to build a community to calm fears, provide support, advocate love and demonstrate kindness. Please join me in creating a Safe Place.

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Safe Place Support is a community forum with people sharing their own life experiences. This is in no way to be taken as a licensed medical professional’s advice, as I am not a health care professional, just an ordinary person. This platform is to simply share experiences and ideas to help others cope and find support. 

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